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Alight Motion Mod APK is the app solution when you want to do video editing. The app is suitable for video editing and works as a program; all the high-end features are unlocked. This video editing app gives users an attractive look due to its multi-feature option in layout, shapes, fonts, etc. 

Alight Motion Mod APK

What is Alight Motion 

This Alight Motion Mod Apk is used for video editing, it can edit all the videos stored in your android or iOS operating phone. The interface is very well designed, making video editing easy. Professionally produced videos are at our fingertips now; the edited videos have high-quality animation, splendid visual effects, etc check other Epik Mod Apk.

Film and the simple edition are also an attractive features of the Alight MOD Apk. Alight MOD Apk is the brainchild of the app, which has a good reputation for graphics, motion, and animations for making professional-looking videos. The idea and purpose of the creation of Alight MOD Apk are to create a video editing experience that is both easy and highly skilled, having this precise aim, alight MOD Apk was born. 

Alight Motion Apk

Alight Motion Mod APK

The modded version of Alight Motion Mod APK is where all the app’s premium features are unlocked free of charge. The traditional or the original one is a paid and expensive option. As mentioned earlier the user can create stunning visuals, graphics, and animations using the mod apk.

In the concept of motion design and use, The app is the premier contributor for several things including multiple layers of graphics, many layers of motion designs, etc. with the modded version of the app one can create a video without the watermark and advertisements. 

Some Highlight Features of Alight Motion MOD ApK

  1. No watermark while creating videos
  2. No ads during creating videos
  3. There are an unlimited number of presets 
  4. The app can be used for free
  5. There are endless working options
  6. The keyframe animation is unlocked
  7. There are over one thousand (1000) visual effects that can be used to create different types of videos 
  8. There are more than 2000 different font styles, which means there is a lot of stylish and attractive option to make the video attracting
  9. It has a highly smooth video interface 
  10. It also has an exclusive video element-saving option
  11. It has a rapid navigation system within the app.
  12. Chroma key
  13. It has an excellent XML support
  14. Layer parenting is possible with the app.
  15. Camera objects; is one another vital feature 
  16. Previewing Zoom and Pan is also possible using the app
  17. Languages like Thai and Malay are also possible with a new edition of the app

Difference Between the Alight Motion Premium Apk

The two applications have similar names but different features and use. The regular or traditional version has some basic features and can be downloaded from the google play store, but the Alight motion premium Apk is the app with features you can’t see in the traditional version.

Having said that, the conventional understanding of the play store has not only basic features but also premium features, but these premium features must be purchased at a hefty cost. To overcome this, there is this MOD version of the alight apk, which is free.

Alight MOD Apk

The Traditional Version has Some Basic Features Including

  1. Premium features are unlocked in ways
  2. No watermark on the video which is created 
  3. Premium Apk presets are all unlocked 
  4. The chroma key is enabled
  5. It supports all the presets 
  6. Motion now has the latest version to be used by the users.

A quick look at the advantages & disadvantages of alight MOD Apk


  1. It is free of cost
  2. All the premium features are unlocked 
  3. Nearly 1000’s visual display is available to design and edit the videos
  4. Save the elements for the future usage
  5. As many as 2000 different fonts are available for the user to choose from 
  6. The video is free of the watermarks
  7. The app has blending modes 
  8. The video quality is of superior quality and remains the same after exporting too
  9. Video once created can be shared or exported in different ways


  1. The updates from the parent company alight are not available at regular intervals 
  2. Though the features from the modified version are most useful, this version is not official

Alight motion MOD Apk is the right video editing program that can be used to edit videos, some of the valuable ad stunning features of this app are:

Efficient and enhanced performance

The apk can use all the features to give high-end output; simply put, it can use all the features and work effectively, which is impossible by many other video editing software available on the internet. Compared to the other video editing software in the market, an alight mod app with super uses is a clear-cut winner. Intuitive editing buttons of the app are best, which take the performance of the video editor to a higher level. The size of the app makes the difference in terms of performance, the smaller size has more excellent performance, and the immense size has reduced performance.

Keyframe animation for videos

The presence of keyframe for animations and filmmaking make it a smooth process from start to end. This unique feature is present in software like adobe, so this feature in the app is the unique selling point. Animated video editing is possible with this feature as custom elements can be added to the video, and any number of factors can be added.

A feature will make a video more unique and per your likes and goals. The 3D animation effect of this feature gives your video a more realistic look. Changing the position of the video and adjusting the opaque look gives you the required accuracy and precision for the video.

Alight Apk

Visual effects for the enhanced look

The visual effects are used to ensure the video edition is as accurate as the actual video, the app is on point when it helps you to make the video editing process look more like the real one. Apart from this, many integrated or inbuilt approaches help you create an excellent video, and additional effects are also present to make the video look unique. The app has around 1000 other visual effects to make the footage stylish. The popular ones are shadows, clouds, color tunes, highlights, etc.

Blending modes for a professional look

Blending modes are another unique feature of the app, which is almost exclusive to this app. The addition of multiple layers gives the video a thoroughly professional look, you can add as many layers as you want to make the blending process a successful one. 

Video graphics feature for logos, brands 

The Video graphics feature is available for logos, banners, and brand collateral. This is suitable for scaling down the image to smaller spaces. There are about 2000 built-in fonts to give a look you want. Customization of fonts is also possible with this feature.

Export in any formats

Again, another excellent feature of this app is that you can export any format, and it is also possible to export an image from the video.

Free of cost

The application is a good choice when you wish to edit videos as per your likes as the premium and many features are free. This has been said earlier would not be possible with the one which you buy at a certain fee. 

Saving elements for any time use

Saving elements for later use is another unique feature of this app. it means you can keep the details and do not have to create a new one every time. It’s suitable for any person who wants to save time.

Final thoughts 

If you are looking for high-quality videos and animations to the videos, then the app is the best choice. Many features, ease of use, etc. are some of the best parts of the alight mod apk. With the above-given information, if the app suits your requirements go for it. I strongly recommend this app to anyone who wishes to do some serious and good video editing work.

Thanks for reading!

Download Alight Motion Mod APK v4.5.2 (Premium Unlocked)

Download (86MB)

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